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1WT_6SSP_1_3m_2w_Molex: 1-Wire Temperature probe with 3m cable terminated by Molex Connector

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Part #: 1WT_6SSP_1_3m_2w_Molex

This Stainless Steel 1-wire digital temperature probe uses a 3 meter long jacketed cable and is terminated by a popular Molex connector. 

Heat shrink is used to provide an additional seal and strain relief at the junction between the stainless steel tube and the sensor cable.  Heat shrink is also used at the connector end to protect the wires that are terminated in the Molex connector.

The 1-wire sensor element used is a DS18B20 with 12-bit resolution, and it is wired in the 2-wire parasitic power configuration.

  • Red wire: VDD & GND  -  terminated to Pin 4 of the Molex Connector.
  • White Wire: DATA - terminated to Pin 1 of the Molex Connector.

The probe is only 1.2″ (30mm) long and has a diameter of 6mm, with a 1 meter long jacketed cable. 

Cable temperature range: -40 to 80C
Cable is approx 3 meter long
Sensor Operating Range of -40C to 85C
Digital Sensor (DS18B20) has 12bit Resolution
Sensor Accuracy (-10 to 85 DegC) +/- 0.5 DegC
Sensor Accuracy (-55 to 125 DegC) +/- 2.0 DegC

Maxim Semiconductor Manual for DS18B20