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1WT_6SSP_1_5m_3w: 1-Wire Temperature sensor with stainless steel probe & 5m long, 3-wire cable.

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Part #: 1WT_6SSP_1_5m_3w

This low cost sensor has a 1.2 inch long stainless steel probe and a 5m long jacketed cable with 3 conductors wired to a DS18B20 chip.

Since this sensor uses the 3-wire configuration, you have the option to connect the sensor in 3-wire mode with a separate Vdd wire or you can tie the Vdd wire and the Data wire together to connect the sensor in 2-wire mode, which is used when powering sensors parasitically.  Having all 3 wires available provides a flexible design that can be used in a wide range of temperature measure applications.

NOTE: this sensor is the same as part # 1WT_6SSP_1_1m_3w, except that it has a 5m long cable.

The 1-wire sensor element used is the DS18B20 with 12-bit resolution.

The probe is only 1.2" long and has a diameter of 6mm.  The 3-wire cable is 5m long.  This sensor is suitable for both Non-Parasitically powered and Parasitically powered implementations.

Red wire: VDD
Yellow wire: Ground
White Wire: DATA

Multiple sensors can be daisy chained on a single CAT5 network that can extend up to 200 meters or more in a typical environment. The sensors can receive data and power over the same CAT5 cable, which saves time and money during install.

Cable temperature range: -40 to 80C
Cable is approx 5 meters long
Sensor Operating Range of -40C to 85C
Digital Sensor (DS18B20) has 12bit Resolution
Sensor Accuracy (-10 to 85 DegC) +/- 0.5 DegC
Sensor Accuracy (-55 to 125 DegC) +/- 2.0 DegC

1WT_6SSP_1_5m_3w data sheet
Maxim Semiconductor Manual for DS18B20