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1WT_6SSP_1_2m_2w_RomID: 1-Wire Temperature sensor with stainless steel probe & RomID label.

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Part #: 1WT_6SSP_1_2m_2w_RomID

This 1-wire digital temperature sensor has a 1.2 inch (30mm) long stainless steel probe with a 2 meter long, 2-wire, jacketed cable, and is labelled with the RomID of the DS18B20 chip.  Heat shrink is used to provide an additional layer of protection where the sensor cable is inserted and potted into the stainless steel probe.  The Rom ID of the DS18B20 chip is printed on a heat shrunk label that is on the cable near the probe. 
*** NOTE:  The 1st Byte & 8th Byte of the RomID are swapped on the label as detailed in the images above.

The probe is 1.2 inches (30mm) long and has a diameter of 6mm. 
This sensor uses a DS18B20 chip with 12-bit resolution and is wired in the 2-wire, parasitically powered configuration.

Red wire: VDD & GND
White Wire: DATA

Multiple sensors can be daisy chained on a single CAT5 network that can extend up to 200 meters or more in a typical environment. The sensors can receive data and power over the same CAT5 cable, which saves time and money during install.

Cable temperature range: -40 to 80C
Cable is approx 2m long
Sensor Operating Range of -40C to 85C
Digital Sensor (DS18B20) has 12bit Resolution
Sensor Accuracy (-10 to 85 DegC) +/- 0.5 DegC
Sensor Accuracy (-55 to 125 DegC) +/- 2.0 DegC

Maxim Semiconductor Manual for DS18B20