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1WT_8SSP_3_SEQ_30cm_4w: Sequenced 1-wire temperature sensor with 3 inch stainless steel probe.

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Part #: 1WT_8SSP_3_SEQ_30cm_4w

This Sequenced 1-wire digital temperature sensor with a 3 inch stainless steel probe can be used in any temperature measurement applications where it is useful to be able to query a sensor strictly by knowing its position on the network.

The 1WT_8SSP_3_SEQ_30cm_4w sensor uses the Maxim DS28EA00 chip. There are 2 extra wires on this sensor when compared to a standard DS18B20 based sensor: one gets connected to the previous sensor in the series and the other gets connected to the next sensor in the series. This arrangement enables the 1-wire master to detect the sensors according to their placement on the network.

By using the 1WT_8SSP_3_SEQ_30cm_4w 1-wire temperature sensor, you can put multiple sensors on a single network and communicate with a specific sensor on that network without even knowing the ROM ID of that sensor. All that you need to know is the position of the sensor on the network and you can query it to find its temperature value.

This 1-wire temperature sensor is used widely with GPS devices to provide real-time temperature feedback of engines or cargo along with location information.

There is a Maxim DS28EA00 chip in the tip of the probe which is connected to four 18AWG stranded conductors, all of which are heat shrunk together and potted into the rugged stainless steel tube, resulting in a durable sensor that is perfect for a variety of commercial and industrial applications. There is a label on the sensor cable that shows what each of the four conductors is used for.

  • RED = 1W Data
  • WHITE = Previous Sensor
  • YELLOW/GREEN = Next Sensor

The stainless steel probe is 3" long and has a diameter of 8mm.

1-Wire technology enables multiple sensors to be daisy chained on a single twisted pair of a CAT5 network that can extend up to 200 meters or more in a typical environment. The sensors can receive data and power using a single twisted pair in the cable, which saves time and money during install.

Temperature measurement range of -40C to 85C
Cable temperature range: -40 to 80C
+/- 0.5C accuracy from -10C to 85C
-0.5C to +2.0C accuracy from -40C to -10C
Cable is approx 1ft long
Digital Sensor (DS28EA00) has 12bit Resolution.