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Barix Instreamer-ICE: IP-Audio Encoder with AAC+ and built-in Icecast Server.

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Part #: Barix Instreamer-ICE
Barix Part #: 2018.9238P

The Barix Instreamer-ICE encodes analog audio into MP3 or AAC+ for streaming to an Icecast internet radio streaming service.  It has an Icecast server built in which can feed up to 100 web radio listeners directly without using an internet radio service provider.


  • Live IP Audio Encoder for Streaming Applications
  • Icecast Source Encoder


  • MP3, AAC encoding
  • Integrated Icecast server for up to 100 simultaneous web radio users
  • Line level input (stereo)
  • Supply voltage 5VDC

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