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  IP-Audio.com provides Solutions for IP Audio applications
  IP-Audio.com provides cost effective IP Audio solutions for all your IP Audio application needs.

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IP-Audio.com's product offerings include IP Audio Devices, and more.

All of our products can be purchased individually for integration into your own systems.

Check out the capabilities, technical specifications, and pricing for all of the devices here...    Product Overview.
  Industries & Solutions
IP-Audio.com's products can be implemented in a wide range of applications across many industries:
  Barix Annuncicoms   Barix Exstreamers
- Annuncicom 100
- Annuncicom 155
- Annuncicom 200
- Annuncicom 1000
- more...
- Instreamer/Exstreamer Pair
- Exstreamer 100
- Exstreamer 105
- Exstreamer 110
- Exstreamer 120
- Exstreamer 200
- Exstreamer 205
- Exstreamer 500
- Exstreamer 1000

Barix Instreamer
- Instreamer/Exstreamer Pair
- Instreamer
  Services & Contracting
Need a customized solution? IP-Audio.com provides quality services to help develop and integrate the most effective hardware and software solutions for your unique application.   
Find out more about IP-Audio.com's Services.
  Solution Partners
IP-Audio.com works hard to develop long term relationships with companies that are leading the field! We believe that today's competitive environment requires suppliers with a long term view. If your company has evolving needs and would benefit from developing a working relationship with IP-Audio.com, we want to partner with you. Want to work with us? Give us a call!
  Technical Support
Our engineers strive to maintain the highest level of technical expertise on all of our products and solutions, and we provide ongoing support via phone and email at no charge. When you buy from us you can be confident that you will always have an expert available and ready to help.    Support & Downloads

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Barix Instreamer Review

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21st January, 2013
Barix Supports Crestron © Rava™ SIP Intercom and Phone Technology


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